One Punch Man Season 2 – All Episodes

“With Great Success Come Great Responsibilities”– Yes, the expectation from the upcoming One punch man season 2 is extremely high.

This famous one punch man manga series made its debut in 2015, Since then it’s popularity increases greatly in worldwide.

The very first official announcement of season 2 came from the twitter profile of VIZ. Media– ” The most powerful hero returns! One punch man season 2  comes April “.

Though the announcement of season 2 is confirmed, the release date is yet to revealed.

one punch man season 2

After seeing the hype and excitement among the anime lovers, it is quite clear that the upcoming season of one punch man is surely going to be the next big thing of 2019.

In case you didn’t know, The One Punch Man manga series controversially replaced The director (Shingo Natsume) and production company (Madhouse) of season 1.

Now, this is an interesting thing to watch, how the novel production company J.C.Staff Production and director Chikara Sakurai deals with the storyline and graphic design of anime.

What’s in the storyline of One Punch Man Manga Series?

Well, Few months are left to release One Punch Man Season 2.

In case you are unfamiliar to the storyline of this manga, we have something for you.

To save the planet from monsters and villains, the universe’s government made hero association in which superheroes are ranked from Class S- Class C.

Saitama, the protagonist of this manga was an unranked hero until he got some superpowers.

After three years of consistent hard training, Saitama becomes the most loved superhero who can defeat anyone with just one punch.

After witnessing the heroic superpower, Genos can’t resist himself to become the pupil of Saitama.

Eventually, both of these characters join the superhero association and saving the world from Monster was their prime focus.

The intense storyline lies between the superheroes and Monster Association which creates lots of high-suspense and drama throughout the series.

In the end, Superheroes were able to protect the planet but the rise of a new strongest supervillain(Garou) can also be seen.

Wait! this is not the end.

Well, This is exactly the point from where the One Man Punch Season 2 is going to start with the strongest villain of all named Garou.

In the 36 seconds of the official trailer, Saitama has been warned by Garou saying You just have to get stronger!”.

It is also confirmed that other characters such as Sonic, Bang, King, Blast, etc can be seen in the upcoming season.

What to expect from One Punch Man Season 2?

The upcoming manga series one punch man season 2 release date is somewhere in April.

The first and foremost thing is how the new Production company deals with visual aesthetic and storyline in this season.

Now from the trailer, it is quite obvious that we are going witness a collision between two supergiants Saitama and Garou.

It’s not only about the Garou who is going to become the strongest villain of all but also Saitama is coming back with the strongest ever punch.

After more than 3 long years of wait finally, fans are going to taste the stronger punch than ever.

-Whether the anime is going to fulfill our expectation or not?

-Is season 2 going to be the greatest One punch Man manga series of all time?

All of these questions from you will be answered once the manga releases.

Until then wait for the One punch Man season 2 Episode 1 which is likely to be named as “The Strongest Hero”.


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