One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1

Isn’t it requires a lot of patience to Wait for something that you really want?

-Well, This is the story of every anime lovers who were desperately waiting for the return of One Punch Man season 2 Episode 1.

After waiting for almost 3 years, it’s finally the time when Saitama will show off his strongest punch in the upcoming series of One Punch Man (season 2).

Simply, Episode 1 of this upcoming anime series gave the fans all over the world, an anticipation of excitement.

After a huge worldwide success of One Punch Man, the expectation of fans from this Manga series is quite significant.



It is officially confirmed by the VIZ.MEDIA that the arrival of the most powerful hero. The anime is going to release in April but its actual date is yet to be disclosed by the officials.


” The most powerful hero returns! One punch man season 2  comes April “– Viz.Media on their Twitter account.


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Release Date Of One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1

From the Korean Report, this is highly expected that the “One Punch Man 2 Episode 1” comprises all the characters from the previous season and may be several new supervillains can be seen on the screen.

In case you are unfamiliar with the characters of the first season let me help you a little.

The whole storyline flows around the protagonist of the anime who was once a normal guy but after an immense hard work and training, he became invincible.

It requires only One punch from Saitama to defeat all of his enemies or so-called supervillains.

Another most loving figure is Genos, the pupil of Saitama.

Other Comic characters like King, the so-called “most powerful superhero” and Bang who belongs to a few superhero lists to recognize Saitama’s true superhero powers are some of the most engaging and interesting characters of this anime.

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What’s interesting in the upcoming Season of One Punch Man?

The intro of this Teaser opens with the entry of Genos and Saitama saying that “Time to carry out evil. This’ll be a slaughter party!

Clearly, J.C.Staff production has just nailed the promo with the ending as we can hear a voice from Garou who warns Saitama by saying “You just have to get stronger!”.

From the latest teaser trailer of 36 seconds, it is indicated towards the arrival of the new villain- Garou.

Garou, a follower of Bang(Comic character) who was clearly mentioned in the last season.

It is obvious that Saitama (the protagonist), will be engaged in friction with Garou (The strongest villain of the world).

However, the stronger than ever version of Saitama is a delight to watch and how the storyline will go with these two who are enhanced with superpower makes it a must-watch anime.

According to the Korean portal, the story of the One Punch Man 2 Episode 1 will start from the exact ending of last season.

It is also rumored that the Title tag of Episode 1 will be “The Strongest Hero”.

This is immensely insane that the Manga lovers had to wait for almost four long years to get the 2nd season, but only time will decide whether the long-wait is worthy or not.

Now It is just a few months to wait for the One punch Man 2 Episode 1, but in that time stay connected with us to get the latest news and spoilers.


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