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After making a remarkable debut in 2015, the strongest punch is back with an exciting official trailer of One Punch Man 2.

We have been waiting for too long for the season 2 of the One Punch Man.

Finally, the wait is over as Saitama is coming back with even a stronger punch than ever.

The Manga series, the popular anime about the superhero of the world who can defeat any of his enemies and villains in just one punch, is prepared to return with the brand new second season.

watch one punch man 2

When will you be able to watch One Punch Man 2?

Well, One punch man 2 is set for release in April 2019 but the actual date of release is yet to be confirmed by the officials.

The response for the latest trailer of season 2 coming from the global lovers of anime is quite fantastic.

For those unacquainted with Season1, Saitama(the leading character) who was once an ordinary guy but becomes an irresistible force by continuous hard training for three years, can defeat any villain and superheroes with only one punch.

It quickly gained an overwhelming response from the audience and many considered this as the best anime series of all time.

The storyline follows the heroic journey of Saitama who later learned the true meaning of becoming a hero and how he deals with the power he earned.

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Other characters like Genos(Pupil of Saitama), Bang, King, Garo, etc are involved in this fiction.

One Punch Man was first introduced as a webcomic and published in early 2009 which went viral and crossed 7.9 million views in July 2012.

This Japanese Manga series comprises 12 episodes, was made by ONE and pictured by Yusuke Murata.

A serious debate gets started when the officials announced the changes its director and production company, as the fans are already comparing it with season 1.

The latest season will be illustrated by J.C Staff production(known best for Food Wars) and directed by Chikara Sakurai.

Moreover, fans are anticipated about how these changes will affect the visual aesthetic, artistic and dramatic aspects.


What’s interesting in season2 of One Punch Man? 

The hype and excitement for the episode 1 of One Punch Man 2 is surely going to boost up the Initial views, but it is the quality and design of the anime which will decide its long-term success.

The first and foremost thing you may have noticed in this trailer is the arrival of a new villain, Garou who is well known as the Earth’s strongest fighter and was first mentioned in the conclusion of the first season.

“Time to carry out evil. This’ll be a slaughter party”- Introduction of Garou.

The first impression of Garou is super exciting and one of the most curious thing about to watch it for.

Due to the shift of the production house and direction, fans are already up in the debate.

Well, it’s better to wait till April before criticize or appreciate the movie.

Though the release time of the anime series is somewhere in April, it is still unclear on which platforms or streaming network it will be available.

So what are you waiting for?

-Stay tuned with us regarding Any update on One Man Punch 2 episode 1 and be the first one to watch it.